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Our SQL Masters are experts in their field. Some of their regional contributions include:

  • Past President of Salt Lake SQL Server Users Group (PASS Chapter) for several years. Regularly a featured speaker on SQL Server topics.
  • Current President of Utah County SQL Server User Group (PASS Chapter) and has been a featured speaker.
  • Current leader of the SQL Server PowerShell Virtual Chapter of PASS (just starting)
  • Current speaker at semi-annual Code Camps in Salt Lake on SQL Server topics.
  • Past speakers at Virtual Conference with on SQL Filestream, SQL LogShipping, and SQL TDE.
  • Current Expert on


Database Administrator


Novell CNE



SQL most recent versions

MVP Lead for the CSS MVP Program. Worked with external influencers in finding, evaluating and awarding them the MVP Award. We have handled interactions between the influencers and the Product Groups. We worked with ASP.NET, IIS, SQL Server, Biztalk and Connected Systems, as well as some of the other technologies in the developer stack. Managed up to 220 Influencers at any given time. Recipient of multiple awards inside Microsoft for innovation and automation processes using ASP.NET, SQL Server and Office Automation