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Whether you are on the cloud or on premise, big data or small data, big teams or a one-man IT team; our DBAs are here to consult you and help you get projects done at an affordable cost with our SQL Services.

Regardless of where your data lives or what your data needs are, with our in-house DBAs and SQL Services – we are your data advocates.

It is our goal to free you and your team up in order to spend your time on more valuable projects.

SQL Services

Patches are applied with business approval.

Index fragmentation detection and maintenance.

Customized to fit your environment. Analyze results and present report.

Analyzing the cache for issues with Parallelism and other performance related issues.

Monitoring and resolving as possible.

Space monitoring, managing auto-growth and gathering trending data.

Size pruning and performance.

Ensuring backups are happening and implementing a recovery strategy.

Analyzing missing or unused indexes for improved performance.

Monitoring the workload to identify tuning opportunities and resolve where possible.

CheckDB on individual databases to ensure they are running.

Monitoring and performing maintenance ensuring that stats are updated.

Ensuring that drive space is managed and trended for storage requirements.

Monitoring for errors and issues reported. Job monitoring and alerts from the engine.

Ongoing monthly cost management and tweaking within AZURE and AWS.

Are Our SQL Services A Right Fit For You?

We believe you’ll discover a unique difference between our team and the rest. 

Furthermore, if you answer yes to any of these check marks, below, then our SQL Services ARE a right fit for you. 

  • You have third parties install business-critical systems that use SQL Server as the underlying data store, but they do not provide the DBA or a SQL Services team to manage your SQL Server infrastructure.
  • Your current in-house team is overwhelmed and need extra hands.
  • Are you struggling to understand security and levels of access?
  • You lack the knowledge to set-up disaster recovery and/or high availability?
  • Do you need a better understanding of changes between versions and editions and how features can be leveraged?
  • Having trouble with log file management or other maintenance operations?
  • You have one or more SQL Server environments that are important to your business, but you cannot justify hiring a full-time or dedicated in-house DBA or SQL expert to monitor and maintain it.
  • Do you have a single DBA and want to relieve one person of 24×7 on-call support.
  • You are needing to scale or are experiencing performance issues or scalability issues.
  • Do you need to roll out a new SQL environment?

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Your ROI Is Our Priority

  • Internal resources can focus on building business and growth value rather than maintaining an existing system.
  • You will have our experts available to develop continuous improvement of the SQL environment.
  • Establish a SQL Server environment that is properly monitored and maintained.
  • Our DBAs are business minded with the expertise to identify opportunities to use SQL Server to grow your business.
  • Prioritize production or business critical systems while still having confidence in lower priority environments.
  • Our DBA experts will implement a tested disaster recovery plan for SQL Server.
  • Our internal relationship with manufactures and software companies make it easy to collaborate with 3rd parties running SQL Server based applications and other IT environment needs.
  • Enjoy access and peace-of-mind to 24/7 technical support for business-critical SQL Server environments for emergency situations.
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CR-T features SQL Certified Masters and a DBA with our SQL Services
We also provide 24x7x365 maintenance, with hourly and monthly agreements to save you money!

Our SQL Masters (DBAs) are experts in their field. Some of their regional contributions include:

  • Past President of Salt Lake SQL Server Users Group (PASS Chapter) for several years. Regularly a featured speaker on SQL Server topics.
  • Current President of Utah County SQL Server User Group (PASS Chapter) and has been a featured speaker.
  • Leader of the SQL Server PowerShell Virtual Chapter of PASS (just starting)
  • Current speaker at semi-annual Code Camps in Salt Lake on SQL Server topics.
  • Past speakers at Virtual Conference with on SQL Filestream, SQL LogShipping, and SQL TDE.
  • Current Expert on
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MVP Lead for the CSS MVP Program. Worked with external influencers in finding, evaluating and awarding them the MVP Award. We have handled interactions between the influencers and the Product Groups. We worked with ASP.NET, IIS, SQL Server, Biztalk and Connected Systems, as well as some of the other technologies in the developer stack. Managed up to 220 Influencers at any given time. Recipient of multiple awards inside Microsoft for innovation and automation processes using ASP.NET, SQL Server and Office Automation.

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