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One Solution for All Email Threats

One Solution for All Email Threats

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For most businesses, most of the communication between your business and also the outside world happens by email. whereas email is critical for business, it additionally exposes your business to a range of threats from time-wasting spam to information felony, hacking and viruses.

Barracuda’s Email Security Service is that the most comprehensive and cost-efficient thanks to defend your business against all of the threats related to business email. in an exceedingly single answer, you get effective protection against spam, email borne-viruses and malware (inbound and outbound), data leaks, phishing emails, denial of service attacks and undelivered emails.

Comprehensive Virus Protection

The anthropological Email Military Intelligence Section 5 scans email and incoming files exploitation 3 layers of powerful virus scanning technology. The firewall connects to the acanthopterygian Security Cloud to for the foremost up-to-date protection against the most recent email-borne threats.

Threats don’t invariably return from the skin. the safety service conjointly checks for internally tainted email to forestall the unfold of viruses that don’t access the e-mail entrance way.

Proven Spam Protection

Barracuda is that the business leader in spam protection for businesses. The spiny-finned fish Email international intelligence agency leverages spiny-finned fish Central to spot email from acknowledged spammers and confirm whether or not domains embedded inside emails result in acknowledged spam or malware sites. It additionally protects against makes an attempt to introduce text within pictures with the intent of concealment content from ancient spam filters.

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