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How do I check that reports are being sent out on the Barracuda Spam Firewall?

If reports are not being received as anticipated, please check to be sure that the communication between the Barracuda and the recipient’s mail server is open. This can be done by performing a telnet test to the recipient server.

  1. Navigate to the Advanced > Troubleshooting page of the Barracuda’s web interface.
  2. Use the Dig/NS-lookup Device tool to resolve the recipient email server’s IP address. This can be done by entering mx <recipient domain> into the Dig/NS-lookup Device field (where <recipient domain> is the domain of the email address expected to receive the report) and clicking the Begin Dig button. You should see the MX record for that domain in the resulting pop-up window. This is the recipient mail server’s IP address.
  3. Next, use the Telnet Device tool to connect to the recipient mail server. Enter <recipient server IP> 25 into the Telnet Device field (where <recipient server IP> is the recipient mail server’s IP address) and click the Begin Telnet button.

If the connection is successful, you will see the 220 banner from the recipient server. If the connection is unsuccessful, you will likely get a “connection refused” error, or the connection will time out. For further assistance, please contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

If the Web GUI Syslog has been configured on the Advanced > Syslog page, then reports are being logged. Search for REPORTS in the log to see these entries.

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