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Barracuda Nextgen Firewall Series Detail

Barracuda NextGen Firewalls are reason worked for the cutting edge, appropriated arrange in which organize execution and accessibility is as critical as security. Not at all like customary port-based firewalls, Barracuda firewalls are application-mindful, empowering you to manage application utilization and shrewdly organize arrange activity.

Barracuda Nextgen Firewall Series Detail


The X-Series firewall empowers little and medium size organizations to safely receive cloud applications, virtualization and portability inside IT obliged conditions. Barracuda Next Gen Firewalls are a foundation of our Total Threat Protection structure, which incorporates reason fabricated, best-of-breed, very versatile security answers for ensure clients, systems, and server farm applications. Parts like web and email security, web application security, and secure remote access incorporate with the firewall.

Organization is simple with a natural web interface and free, cloud-based focal administration. Reliable UIs and regular managerial work processes, gives movement improvement, security and availability in a basic and moderate, cloud-oversaw arrangement.


It merges progressed, cutting edge firewall, interface adjusting, and WAN Optimization advances into one simple to-oversee apparatus equipped for on-premises, cloud, and virtual organizations. The F-Series permits associations and oversaw administrations suppliers to safely empower remote Internet breakouts without the need to backhaul activity.

Apparatus models are accessible from ultra-little machines – for arrangements with Internet of Things (IoT) activities – and little work areas for little office and home office (SOHO), as far as possible up to datacenter-level models. However all Barracuda NextGen F-Series Firewalls, paying little mind to arrangement compose or measure, are sensible from a solitary sheet of glass.

The Barracuda Next Gen Control Center fundamentally increments roll out speed while diminishing the related costs engaged with conveying, overseeing, and checking tens, hundreds, or even a large number of remote Next Gen Firewall F-Series gadgets.



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