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Understanding the Barracuda Backup Service Data Plan

This article refers to the Barracuda Backup Legacy Release firmware or newer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Barracuda Backup Service plan, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

Barracuda Backup Service data plans are billed based on the total amount of data currently backed up offsite at the compressed and deduplicated rate. When the storage limit is reached, the plan is automatically increased to meet the data requirements and billed at the new level. A notification is sent to all users designated to receive Offsite Backup Over-Usage notifications once the storage limit is reached.

To designate a user to receive these notifications, log in to the Barracuda Backup web interface, click Account > Manage Users, and then click on the user name. In the right panel, in the Privileges section, turn on Billing Administration:

You have several options to address data plan overage, including:

  • Select less data to be backed up.
  • Modify your retention policies; modifying a retention policy timeline purges historic file revisions, freeing up storage space. For more information, refer to Understanding Retention Policies and Creating Effective Retention Policies.
  • Upgrade to a larger data plan. The larger plan is less expensive than paying for the current plan plus overage charges. Refer to the Barracuda Knowledgebase Solution #00003985 for details on sizing your data plan, or contact your Barracuda Networks Sales Associate for details.
  • Select data to be backed up locally only. This removes the data from the off site location, reducing offsite data plan usage.


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Barracuda NG firewall Review

If you have used MS TMG for example for a browser proxy, you will be glad that Baracuda firewall works great for website filtering as well. In addition, files which are download are being checked in real-time for virus or malware infection. We have used TMG for increased protection against viruses with subscription and GFI add-on as well. If you still have a similar solution, you can switch to Barracuda easily now.

Baracuda firewall works great for website filtering. Where it really shines is traffic live feed and monitoring of live traffic in real-time. There is always current state on the display and when we click on the type of the traffic we get exact information.For example, if you want to see everything related to Youtube, we can select filter Youtube and we get information who, when and what has been watching on Youtube with connections to youtube videos. For every application, we can define a schedule when users can use it. For example, we can set a policy that Facebook is only available during the launch time. We can create QOS per application, meaning that we can change a priority for bandwidth. I think this feature is simply amazing as you can limit Youtube bandwidth. Many users listen to music by playing Youtube. If one user is playing a video that is fine. But when every second user is doing that, Youtube could quickly have the impact on the bandwidth. Youtube automatically detects your screen size, and can easily serve HD version of the song, affecting the bandwidth even further. By using QOS we can fix that.

We can also filter all reports and show them on the screen, but we can also export and view them in Excel.


I would like to mention that GUI is very easy to understand. And so is navigating and looking at what’s happening on the network. Dashboard will show you essential information, and from here you can move quickly to URL filtering for example.

Sometimes, we tend to forget about business continuity. Barracuda NGFW can work with multiple internet providers at the same time. That functionality is built in the core and is easy to configure. Feature wise it’s ready for the most demanding environments. It will intelligently move the session from between internet providers. If we have configured BGP, we can enable remote VPN connection without interruptions.


You can use Baracuda NGFW as a default gateway, transparent proxy or as a standard firewall perimeter. You can configure an appliance from the console via a cable. You can also use SSH protocol for connecting through the network. Baracuda provides one of the best-looking configuration GUI’s called Baracuda NextGen Admin (also referred to as NG Admin) for graphical configuration.

You can use NG Admin to configure one device or you can use it to connect to the controlling unit. We can then manipulate other connected units.

If we have firewalls across the globe, we can use a program called NG Earth. We can see literally where on the Earth our firewalls are connected and what is the state of devices. If they are having problems we can spot problematic devices as they are shown in different colors. We can also see their connections in real time.

Centralized management of multiple units supports simultaneous configuration on various firewalls. We can save templates for the exact segment and use templates on a complete network. We can then segment firewall configuration. One of the usability advantages of Barracuda is Undo function. When we configure a firewall, we always have an option – Discard. We can undo our last configuration. Only when we save configuration it becomes active.

Baracuda can work as a classic NAT but it can work as a transparent proxy (that works only for physical appliance – you can not use a virtual appliance).

Creating objects which are later used in the rules is simple. We can block entire internet traffic or just a specific protocol. With just a couple of clicks, Barracuda NGFW also has a list of Countries built in. By having countries in the policy, it means that we have another option which we can use to secure our perimeter. Countries can be easily used in policies. For example, we can block all traffic coming in our out of the China. Using the countries in the policies can decrease attacks on our IP, but it doesn’t mean it will prevent all of them. Attackers are using cheap VPS servers which are available in all countries, including Europe and USA.

Most of a configuration works in a way that first rules allows the policy. The last are the one that block. If you remember, MS TMG works in a similar way so migration will be easy. We can segment the users based on groups, we can use Active directory integration, or we can use a local database if the environment is too small. We can use external Radius server for authentication. It has support for x.509 certificates. It also has support for SMS Passcode authentication . We can use it as a classic NAT or it can work as a transparent proxy.

For VPN authentication Barracuda supports SMS Passcode, making login process very secure.

Barracuda supports site to site VPN connection, SSL VPN (connecting to VPN through the browser), it supports all major protocols like IPSec, L2TP, PPTP. We can import a certificate from a certificate authority or we can generate one. Connections can be encrypted with AES 128/256, Blowfish, 3DES and with CAST crypto algorithms.

Mobile VPN application is available for devices with IOS and Android OS. VPN client is available in the app store of respective mobile OS.


Barracuda NGFW protection is two-fold. First, it scans the packets for anomalies. With updates, it gets information about the latest vulnerabilities in programs and type of patterns which it finds in the traffic and protects internal systems from zero-day attacks. Definition Updates are automatic and work similar to anti-virus updates. It can protect against DOS and DDOS attacks.

Files which are being downloaded are checked in real-time for virus and malware infection.

Barracuda NGFW can also handle encrypted SSL connections. Once this option is enabled, firewall intercepts communication between the client and destination and can easily see if the traffic is against the policy we have set. By using Barracuda NGFW we can control applications which connect to the internet and can block them if required.


Baracuda has many models, therefore is suitable for SMBs and big companies. Functionalities that it offers are above most of the firewalls currently in use in the companies. They offer better protection which leads to increased productivity. In the past prices for such devices were very expensive, but now, we can get the entry model for the price of a good laptop.

Barracuda covers a complete range of next generation firewalls, from entry level to the enterprise solutions. You can choose a hardware or virtual appliance. Starter model comes equipped with Atom CPU, an SSD drive and a reasonable price. If you a looking for a Firewall replacement, I recommend that you get in touch with Barracuda representative. I hear they have great promotions and also offer a trial on your premises.


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Barracuda Expands Storage Capacity and Performance for Barracuda Backup Solutions


  • Barracuda announced an appliance refresh of the Barracuda Backup platform, with updated units available immediately to customers at no increase in the list price.
  • Barracuda’s appliance refresh gives customers increased storage capacity, up to 100 percent in some cases, offering a lower cost per Terabyte and enabling more room for data growth.
  • The new Barracuda Backup appliances boost performance for faster backups, restores and offsite replication.
  • The new appliances with cloud storage subscriptions can now replicate more data to the cloud, with no increase in subscription prices. This reduces the effective cost per Terabyte of data stored in the cloud and delivers more value to customers.
  • Barracuda’s data protection solutions provide customers a critical layer of defense against targeted ransomware attacks. These new appliances reduce the time required to protect data as it changes, and reduce the time required to restore in the event of an attack.

Barracuda today announced a platform refresh for its Barracuda Backup product portfolio of data protection solutions. The new systems are designed to protect data for organizations facing increasing demands with limited resources, and offers IT administrators the ability to more efficiently plan for and support future data growth. The new Barracuda Backup appliances provide expanded capacity for physical appliance models, by as much as 100 percent more capacity on entry-level systems. The new platform also includes performance updates that speed up the backup, restore and replication processes. The capacity upgrades deliver a lower cost per Terabyte, and the performance enhancements allow customers to back up and replicate data faster, meet backup windows and get data offsite more efficiently, as well as the ability to restore faster in the event of data loss. These software performance updates are available at no additional cost to customers with active Energize Update subscriptions, and the new appliances are available to eligible customers with Instant Replacement subscriptions.

“Our customers trust us to recommend, implement and manage IT solutions that provide the best possible features and functionality for their businesses,” said Allan Hurst, partner and director, Enterprise Strategy at KIS, a Barracuda channel partner. “When it comes to data protection, Barracuda Backup always proves to be a great option for our customers because it takes care of the entire process with a single solution, is competitively priced, and is easy for us to deploy and manage.”

Increased Capacity for Barracuda Backup Appliances
By increasing capacity on Barracuda Backup systems by as much as 100 percent in entry-level systems and 50 percent in mid-sized systems, customers are able to efficiently manage data protection needs with a cost-effective backup solution, as well as plan for future data growth as their needs expand.

Performance Enhancements
As part of the appliance refresh, Barracuda Backup now includes performance updates that help customers back up, replicate and restore data at a faster rate. Additionally, 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections are now included with the Barracuda Backup 690, 790 and 890 appliances for a faster data transfer.

Ransomware Recovery
Barracuda Backup automatically creates updated backups as files are revised, and duplicates them to the secure Barracuda cloud. If criminals encrypt files with ransomware, once the malware is eliminated, the encrypted files can be deleted and then restored from a recent backup file.

“Performance is key in today’s age of rampant ransomware attacks, where an efficient data protection process is more critical than ever,” said Rod Mathews, senior vice president and general manager, Data Protection at Barracuda. “Even with the best multi-layered security defense, having a recovery plan in place could be the only way to recover from these attacks without having to pay a ransom in order to restore data. Barracuda has a great track record in helping customers quickly and efficiently restore data, and these new enhancements underscore our ongoing efforts to help our customers support their data protection strategies simply and affordably.”

Barracuda Backup is available as a physical appliance, as software in the form of a virtual appliance, and as a cloud service, all centrally managed from the same web-based user interface. Barracuda Backup offers customers a highly competitive cost per Terabyte, and customers with active Energize Updates subscriptions will receive the latest firmware updates as they become available. Additionally, customers who purchase and maintain an Instant Replacement subscription will benefit from being eligible for an upgraded appliance every four years.

Barracuda Backup is available today through Barracuda resellers and managed service providers. For additional information, please contact a Barracuda reseller or sales representative.


For more information about Barracuda Backup, please visit:

Overview – Barracuda Backup: http://cuda.co/backupref

Ransomware – Detect, Prevent, Recover: http://cuda.co/detectrw

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