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Is Free Wi-Fi Dangerous?

If you take a laptop out into the world, you’ve probably seen the notification saying “Wireless Network Detected.” Free hotspots are not uncommon in coffee shops, hotels, airports, and other public locations,  There are some things to know before you simply hop on an unfamiliar wireless network.

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Why is My Computer So Slow?

Ever notice how much faster a brand new computer is compared to an older one? Think back… was your computer as slow as it is today as it was a few years ago when you first got it? How did you tolerate that back then? It turns out your computer actually gets slower over time, but to contrast that new computers are getting faster, cheaper, and more energy efficient. Computers aren’t designed to last forever, and this isn’t on purpose; general day-to-day usage and time give computer components a good thrashing. So why is your computer slow? Here are some COMPANYNAME secrets about why your old computer struggles to keep up with you.

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5 Steps Toward Making Documents Presentable with Microsoft Word

Plenty of AREASERVED businesses use the Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools. From Office 2007 and on, Microsoft has made it extremely easy to dress up your documents and presentations. These tricks will typically work with most Office products, from Word to Power Point, even Outlook; although in some apps the options might be in different places. Today’s tutorial will focus on Microsoft Word.

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