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The iPhone 4S Hits Stores Today

The mobile smart phone market is certainly a healthy one, and powerful devices are getting into more hands (for both consumers and businesses). There are a few great selections to choose from; RIM’s BlackBerry, Microsoft’s Windows 7, Google’s Android OS, and Apple’s iPhone. The latest incarnation of the Apple iPhone hits store shelves today, although from first glance it looks the same as the previous iPhone 4. Let’s take a look at some of the differences.

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9 Secret Google Search Tricks to Impress Your Coworkers

The Internet is without a doubt the largest collection of information humanity has ever seen. The trick is getting the information you want quickly. That’s where search engines come in, and no search engine has received more recognition than Google. These 10 tricks will help you master your Google searches like a pro and get you to the information you seek faster, and you might be able to impress a colleague or two.

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The Pitfalls of Letting your Employees Do Their Own Tech Support

Here’s a scenario: Tom’s computer is acting up and getting a blue screen error a couple times a day. Obviously this is a problem because it drastically cuts into Tom’s efficiency. Tom is a smart guy though, so his manager asks him to see if he can fix it before calling support and putting in a ticket. After all, tech support costs money. Tom spends about 4 hours across the next few days researching the issue, attempting a few things, and finally fixes it. Way to go Tom! You just saved the company money… or did you?

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