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Rocky Mountain Power had a Massive Power Outage

Rocky Mountain Power had a major power outage affecting more than 23, 523 of their clients starting at 5:00pm on 3/5/2017. Is it still down and what’s next?  As of 2:30pm 3/6/2017, there are only 3,100 Rocky Mountain Power clients currently affected. They estimate that all issues should be resolved by 7:00pm. No company wants to be …

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Why You Should Be Cautious About How You Share Files

The cloud lets your business share files easily and efficiently, but regardless of how useful this feature is, you need to make sure that your team understands how and why they’re given access to certain files. Giving the freedom to share files is great, but it can quickly become a hindrance when you have inexperienced users doing the sharing. Be sure to take these three risks into account before handing over the keys to your business’s file sharing.

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Tip of the Week: How to Navigate Windows 10 and Find the App You Need

Your workstation is equipped with all of your necessary software solutions, but sometimes it can be challenging to find a specific app. If you want to see a list of all applications on your device, Windows 10 makes it easy. The key to doing so lies in the Start menu.

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